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Why You Should Visit Tuscany This Year

Tuscany is a beautiful region in Italy known for its great climate all year round, perfect for a holiday whatever season. Tuscany’s capital, Florence, will be known to many art lovers as the home of some of the most famous renaissance art and sculptures, including Michelangelo’s “David”. Tuscany has a diverse landscape made up of rocky mountains and beautiful vineyards; this region should be visited at least once in your life. Here’s why you should visit Tuscany this year.


The capital of Tuscany, whether you are a lover of art or not, is a place that should be seen. Florence is home to some of the greatest artistic treasures the world has to offer, from churches and museums, to breathtaking art galleries, you can wander beholding the treasures it houses for days. When you tire of being inside, Florence offers natural scenery too, especially the Boboli Gardens.  Florence holds many festivals throughout the year from food to religious. Easter week especially is packed with many events.


If you are a fan of all things medieval, Siena is a perfect place to visit whilst discovering Tuscany. If you want to learn more about the rich history of this little city, you may want to invest in a tour of Tuscany to ensure you do not miss out on everything Siena and its surrounding cities have to offer. Tuscany Untouched offers you the chance to tour Tuscany as a local, rather than a tourist. Siena offers much to do for those wanting to bask in its medieval glory, or visit the civic palace and walk the 500 steps for the best view of Siena in town. Siena is also a wonderful place to visit with your children if you wish to take a break from the tourist stuff, there are many great playgrounds and parks to visit for the day.


Well known for the leaning tower of Pisa, this Italian town has more to offer than a leaning tower. Whether you admire the tower from below or climb to the top, this is something you can cross off your bucket list. Pisa is also home to a Cathedral and Baptistery which can be admired after the tower. You can then finish off your day with a lovely walk down the Arno River followed by a taste of some of Italy’s finest dishes. If you are visiting Tuscany in June, be sure to visit Pisa as this is the month where they celebrate their saint San Ranieri. For a real taste of Italy and its cultures, visit in June for some traditional events at Pisa.

Wherever you decide to go in Tuscany, be sure to soak up the local culture, try the delicious food and wines and discover as much of Tuscany as you can. There are many guided tours if you want help in discovering Tuscany and these are a great way to get everything you want from your trip to this Italian region.

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Visiting A Unique City In Italy

Most people who like to travel with our family does have been to Italy before in the past because that is just one of those must visit places that everyone has on top of their list. It was on our list for sure and we first visited the most famous cities like Rome, Venice, Verona etc. However, only after few years, we heard about the hidden beauty of this country that not many people actually know about and we were very interested and excited to go again. This time, we went to a place in Italy that is not that famous as Venice and you haven’t even head about it most likely. The city that I am talking about is called Craco and it is one of the most breath-taking cities that we have been to. Before you even consider traveling here, I must tell you why this is such a unique city.

This city has been abandoned completely after an earthquake in 1980. Of course, the earthquake itself wasn’t the only reason why people had to be evacuated, other natural disasters also didn’t allow people to continue their lives here. If you are interested in hearing more about the history, then you should visit this city because it is a very stunning place that cannot be compared to anything else.

Unique Experience

CracoEven if you are a person who is traveling all the time to different major cities, you will love going here because it is a completely different feeling that you haven’t felt before. I can best describe it like walking into a ghost city where nobody lives. Of course, I don’t want to scare you off, there are no ghosts or anything like that, just the feeling of being in a city where people don’t live anymore, they have simply abandoned their homes. Forgotten is definitely not a word that you want to use to describe this city, it may be abandoned, and nobody wants to live there, but it surely isn’t forgotten that I can tell you.

Because it is an abandoned city, it is becoming more and more popular by each year as a tourist attraction. I personally believe that people will never forget about this city as long as it stays up. I strongly recommend that you do visit this place because it will be one of those things that you won’t forget in your life.

Danger Level

Some people are afraid to visit this city simply because they think that it is not safe to be in. after all, people have been evacuated from there for a good reason, but this shouldn’t be the reason why you don’t want to go there. Of course, you have to be careful all the time that you are there and try staying on the main road because that is the safest route that you can take. All the buildings and homes that are there are not recommended to tourists because they can collapse at any time.