What readers say about CITY PAPER:

"Naumova’s win was a surprise to industry pundits. The English-language CITY PAPER magazine was the only media outlet that had tipped I Wanna as this year’s winner."
—from a Reuters News Agency report, May 26, 2002 entitled Marie N (Marija Naumova) Eyes Fame After Eurovision Win. CITY PAPER went on record in print weeks before the Eurovision Song Contest saying Naumova had the best song 

"The excellent CITY PAPER...

France’s Liberation newspaper.

"CITY PAPER is far better than any guidebook...Also look up CITY PAPER's excellent website, The Baltics Worldwide."Journalist Robin McKelvie, writing recently in the Southern Cross magazine. 

"I've been most impressed by CITY PAPER. I congratulate all involved."Howard Marks, The London Observer.

"CITY PAPER is the irreplaceable tool for getting around the Baltics—and also for making sense of Baltic current affairs."Matej Vipotnik, Baltic correspondent, The Financial Times.

"Critical for any English-speaking visitor."—Bradt’s Estonia guide book, naming CITY PAPER among the outstanding publications in the region.

"Your balance between erudition and humor is superb! I come away from each CITY PAPER enlightened and amused."—John W. Brown, Lithuania.

"As a travel writer, I’m always on the lookout for good travel magazines. But I’ve never seen one with the quality of CITY PAPER! It’s perfectly researched and has a wonderful sense of humor."—Volker Mehnert, a writer for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung; Berlin, Germany.

"When I picked up CITY PAPER, I was expecting self-promotional puffery. I was very pleasantly surprised to find a solid, independent magazine. I congratulate you for your integrity."—Richard Hyman, Seattle, USA.

"Congratulations on your excellent magazine. Of the travel guides used on our recent holidays to the fantastic Baltics, CITY PAPER was the most used and valuable."—Lee Burns, USA.

"I loved CITY PAPER! It’s as good as London’s Time Out magazine."Olivier Marteau, Bucharest, Romania.

"After I bought CITY PAPER on a recent visit, I ended up spending more time with it than I have spent with any one magazine in my life. It was a great help, not only in practical matters, but also in trying to understand more about the Baltic states."Manfred Beeres, Wiesbaden, Germany.

"CITY PAPER is the best publication of its kind I have ever seen. Such a wealth of information!"—Brian Donahue, via e-mail.

"We got CITY PAPER from the embassy in London. It made a good visit even more enjoyable."—Judith Hodgkinson, Northampton, England.

"I enjoyed reading about the Baltics in CITY PAPER! It made me want to come for a visit."—Rashid Wels, Obernburg, Germany.

"CITY PAPER was the most useful thing I had during my visit. I read it from the first page to the last."Damjan Mozina, Ljubljana, Slovenia

"CITY PAPER is a wonderful publication. It should be required reading for both businessmen and tourists." Cecil Gordon Potral, Coteau Hibou, France.

"I really love your magazine! I have worn it out reading and rereading it."—Cynde Rinne, Helsinki, Finland.

"CITY PAPER’s web site is an indispensable resource for travelers to the Baltics, and has extremely interesting pieces of journalism. A mega site! Not to be missed!"Diana Gross, in a review for the Latvian links site, LatBits; via e-mail.

"My stay was made all the more pleasurable by your excellent magazine, which I never let out of my sight."—Stewart J. Wild, Wild World Associates, London, England.

"CITY PAPER gave me exactly the background I needed for my visit. I particularly enjoyed your reporting style, which had me laughing out loud more than once."M.R. Granville, London, England.

"City Paper is the top information resource for tourists, business people and diplomats. It will get you up and running in the Baltics, fast."Sandra Kaiser, former press and cultural attaché at the U.S. embassy in Tallinn.

"Congratulations on your excellent publication! It should be required reading before anyone can set foot outside the airport or harbor."Frank O’Croinin, Sherwood Forest, Maryland, USA.

"City Paper...informative and lively...."
The New York Times, Aug. 30, 1992


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