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Reuters, May 26, 2002: “CITY PAPER... the only media outlet that tipped I Wanna as this year’s winner.”

Foreign Estonian, Vello Vikerkaar, takes on Estonian Eurovision in his humorous article for City Paper, “The Last Days of Pompeii: Eurovision and Estonia.”
           “Blonde + Microphone ≠ Music,” writes Vikerkaar. Vikerkaar calls the contest a “teen conspiracy” and urges readers to run for their lives from the “Suntribe eruption.”
            While Vikerkaar characterizes the Estonian Eurovision broadcast as “an amateur talent hour” and Ain Hanschmidt’s outfit as “a purple pimp shirt and sharkskin suit,” he does not completely condemn the contest. He praises the choice of the jury, “Have you Ever,” by Rebecca. He sees the value in Eurovision, since “Like all of us, Eurovision is a living, thriving contradiction.”
            The complete article can be read here.              

Eurovision: What It Is / Past Winners / Fans & Critics on Eurovision
2003 Contest in Riga:
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An interview with a 2003 Contest host.

Don’t Laugh!
Under the Soviets, Euro-
was serious stuff.

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Quote Du Jour
This victory is a cornerstone that will set the atmosphere for our entry into the EU. By winning Eurovision, Turkey has earned a lot of sympathy from the European people. 
Turkey's euphoric State Minister Kursat Tuzmen after the country's entrant won in Riga.   

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