Fun on the Water to Enjoy This Summertime

Summer is nearly upon us. It’s a great time to plan to get out on the water and expand your skills (or try something new). Beat the heat, spray on some sun protector, hop in the water, and leave your troubles behind. Spending time away certainly helps to center or de-stress if you’ve had a particularly hectic couple of months too.

Here are some suggestions for water-based activities at a lake or river in the United States this year.

Kayaking Alone or In a Group

Kayaking continues to gain in popularity as an enjoyable way to get out on the water. You won’t be an expert right off the bat, which is why has a good guide to help cover the basics about Kayaking.

From there, you’ll want to purchase a few things to make yourself comfortable. A new swimsuit that fits well is a good idea, so you’re not distracted. Maybe a waterproof watch or a pouch to keep your phone inside, if you dare! Beyond that, find the calmer waters at a lake or river while you’re still learning – there’s no need to head to the rapids at this stage.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Stand-up paddleboarding has become another option for people who wish to try something else. It combines the idea of a canoe with a paddle and standing on a surfboard. Going paddle boarding is especially fun if you don’t want to wait for good waves to go surfing. Lakes with calm waters are ideal for using a board because it’s easier to balance that way.

You can sit with both legs in the water and stand up once you feel experienced enough. While you won’t travel as fast or as far as with a kayak, anyone who wants a relaxing time floating around without it being too strenuous will enjoy it. Paddleboards are either fixed boards or inflatable and come with a hand or motor pump. The inflatable types pack down reasonably well and are relatively easy to transport too (no roof rack is needed).

White Water Rafting with Trained Guides

Riding the rapids on a raft, canoe or kayak is all possible, but you want to do so in an organized group run by trained, experienced staff, who will be traveling down the river with you. These staff should have all the necessary knowledge to keep everyone safe on the water (or in it). It’s also helpful if they know the course of the river, the calmer sections where you can hop out for a swim and the different level of rapids, so they can warn you first!

Be sure to pick a river that has a more sedate rapids rating, otherwise, you could bite off more than you can chew on your first trip. It also helps to be relatively fit and able to lift your own weight. If you fall into the water when the craft capsizes, ideally you want to be able to lift yourself up and into the craft once again.

It’s always more enjoyable to bring along a loved one, so make it a family outing or collect a gaggle of friends for fun day trip to the lake or river. Unless you’re sure there are places to eat and buy a cold beverage nearby, bring your own food and a cooler for the drinks.

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