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You can find thorough tourist information and heaps of detailed information about Lithuania at:;;  

Lietuvos Rytas: In Lithuanian. Lithuania's No. 1 daily newspaper. 

Lithuanian Foreign Ministry:
Good explanations of government policy, plus visa information. 

Lithuanian Parliament 

CV Online:
A place to leave your CV and check for jobs on offer in the Baltic region. Also a place to hunt for employees. 

A site to the popular if slightly quirky neo-pagan movement which celebrates Lithuania's relatively recent pre-Christian days. 

Lithuanian Global Resources:
A good starting point for researchers; includes links to Lithuanian genealogy sites, Lithuanian telephone book searches, histories, etc. 

Visa Lietuva: A Lithuanian online Yellow Pages. 

Lithuanian Global Genealogical Society: A good starting point those tracing their roots back to Lithuania. 

Vilnius Public Transport: One of the best transport sites in the region, with most explanations in English. 

Lithuanian-English Dictionary

Lithuanian Repatriation Info Center: To aid émigrés moving back to Lithuania. 

Lithuanian National Stock Exchange

Takas: Yellow pages.

Banga: Various cultural listings, including personals. 

Wireless Internet spots or WIFI areas - to see just where and how to get access.

You can find a list of Lithuanian hotels and book on-line here and book a hotel in Vilnius here

Vilnius B&B on-line reservation portal.

Lithuanian Dating Services
Among the complaints of some visitors and long-time residents is the lack of venues to meet up with members of the opposite sex. Some new-age companies have attempted to fill the gap by launching dating agencies, many of which are online. 

Euro-Girls-Cafe: A Lithuania-based dating service, including archived photographs of potential dates. 

Tourist info about Riga and Latvia

Diena: In Latvian. Latvia's New York Times; the country's main daily. 

Latvian Foreign Ministry:
Some news, speeches archive and vast consular info. 

Latvian Parliament

InfoLine and Visa Latvija:
Reasonable online business searches. 

CV Online: A good place to leave your CV and check for jobs being offered across the Baltics. 

Learning Latvian Online: A website teaching Latvian to English speakers.

Latvians Online: Targeting Latvians abroad, with some news, reviews of Latvian-related websites. 

Latvian Institute: A state info/PR department. 

Webcam: A live video of Riga’s old town, from atop the Radisson Hotel; good for anyone abroad homesick for Latvia. 

Virtual Riga: A good new site produced by the Riga city council and the Soros Foundation

Latvian-English Dictionary

Medical advice: For health questions you can't easily answer while they're here in the Baltics. 

Latvian Folklore: For Latvian folklore and dance enthusiasts. Includes also calendar of events. 

Riga Stock Exchange

Wireless Internet spots or WIFI areas - to see just where and how to get access.

Latvian Dating Services
Singles bars are still something of an alien concept in Latvia, as in Estonia and Lithuania. So is the notion of organizing associations to bring the unmarried together. A number of dating services, many operating via the Internet, have sprung up in recent years. 

Baltic Lily: Dzirnavu 87/89 #313, tel. 728-7104. 

Marriage Assistance Bureau: tel. 945-6756 or 962-2979, This seems to be among the biggest, best organized and reputable dating/marriage agencies around. They claim to do lots of background checks.

Mystic Café: Vecpilsetas 3 #2; tel. 7212-669, 7211-686, or mobile, 950-5658. 

Shaarli.Com: tel. 969-9008 or 972-1517;

Randevu: Noliktavas 5-308, tel. 732-4462;

Siesta: K. Valdemara 95-2, tel. 737-7079 or 950-4693;

Venus: Brivibas 37, 3rd floor, tel. 724-0575. 


Tourist Board's website; Tallinn Tourist Information; and detailed information about accommodation in the countryside and different activities from Maaturism

Postimees: In Estonian; Estonia’s high quality daily newspaper.

Foreign Ministry:
The Foreign Ministry’s website is well organized and frequently updated. Includes detailed consular information. 

Estonian Parliament

Estonian Law

An online Estonian-to-English, English-to-Estonian dictionary; you just punch in a word and you immediately get the Estonian or English equivalent. 

Neti and Eesti WWW Wärk: Estonian-based search engines; especially good when searching for Estonian-language sites and any content produced in Estonia. 

CV Online: If you’re looking for employment in the Baltics, a place to leave your CV and check for jobs being offered.

Infoweb: A good detailed online directory for those interested in finding a business partner in Estonia. 

Estonian Genealogy Society: The place to start to track long lost Estonian relatives. 

Tallinn Stock Exchange

Consumer Protection Board: Gripe about bad service. 

Encyclopedia about Estonia 

There are over 200 WIFI areas in Estonia. 


Institute of Baltic Studies - A good scholarly resource. - A knock-out reference site with vast, extremely well organized links. 

Balticgifts - An easy-to-use online souvenir shopping site. 

Booking hotels in the Baltic states (in German).

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