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The hotel industry in Estonia pulled itself out of the Soviet-era long ago. If you’re just dying to experience a Soviet-style hotel, with all the traumas and headaches that come with it, CITY PAPER recommends a trip to Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Most Tallinn hotels compare well with their counterparts anywhere in Western Europe.
        Also, as you plan your trip to Estonia, see our list of full plane, ferry, bus and train timetables, here.  

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High End 

Barons: (I-2) Suur-Karja 7 / Väike-Karja 2, in the old city; tel. 699-9700, fax 699-9710;  If you saw Bonnie and Clyde flying down the stairs at this former bank turned hotel, guns in one hand and money bags in the other, you’d think it perfectly natural given the surroundings. The authentic, 1930s feel of Barons is a delightful feature of this excellent hotel: there’s the pre-war cage-like elevator, the oak staircase that sweeps into the lobby and bank vaults now used to keep luggage. A double is some 140 €.  

Best Western Hotel Tallink: (B-3) Laikmaa 5, tel. 630-0800, fax 630-0810; The wonderful Space-Age facade sets the tone of this admirable new hotel. This is an award-winning conversion of an ugly old Soviet-era department center that existed in the same place a decade ago. The location of this city-center hotel is ideal, just a few minutes walk to the old city and next to some of Tallinn’s prime shopping areas; it’s right across the street from the Viru Keskus mall, for instance. If they are not lavish, the rooms more than do the trick. A standard double costs around 130 €.  

Domina City: (J-2) Vana-Posti 11/13, tel. 681-3900, fax 681-3901; A well located hotel, in the old city and within easy walking distance of all the notable business districts. Owned by an Italian real estate developer, Ernesto Preatoni, this elegant hotel has a distinct Italian feel with its light marble floors and stately staircases. Top class. Doubles start from 150 €.  

Domina Ilmarine: (B-3) Põhja pst. 23, a stone’s throw away from the old city; tel. 614-0900, fax 614-0901;  This is a unique hotel in that it also targets longer-term visitors. Domina Ilmarine has apartment-like rooms on two levels. They recently completed a massive renovation that makes the place feel more like, well, a hotel. Rooms line a vast indoor space, reminiscent of a botanical garden or mock city street. Domina Ilmarine features all your standard feature comforts and nice conference rooms. Cheaper rooms go for 120 €; better deals the longer you stay.  

Hotel Schlössle: (H-3) Pühavaimu 13/15, tel. 699-7700, fax 699-7777;  A breathtaking hotel in a fairy-tale, 15th century building complex in the old city. You’re not likely to have come across a hotel quite like this. The ancient, Hanseatic-world feel of this hotel is overwhelming: heavy wooden beams, stately drawing rooms, wrought-iron chandeliers, hefty stone fireplaces. Everything here has been painstakingly renovated, down to the handrails and door knobs. Each of the 23 rooms in the Schlössle is different, with its own picture-perfect view. The bad news—for some—is the price: starting at around 307 €. This hotel is almost guaranteed to sweep you off your feet.  

Hotel St. Petersbourg: (I-2) Rataskaevu 7, in the old city; tel. 628-6500, fax 628-6565;  This is a classy hotel—one of Tallinn’s best. Hotel St. Petersbourg is a bastion of
good-cheer and outstanding service; and it has a great restaurant (the
Russian-food Nevskij) and a wonderful lounge bar. The hotel rooms have an elegance and touch some hotels might lack: fresh flowers and robes placed in every bathroom. It belongs to the excellent Schlössle Group. Rates start at 256 €.  

Imperial: (H-2) Nunne 14, tel. 627-4800, fax 627-4801;  This new hotel is tucked along a medieval wall on the quieter northwest side of the old city that hasn’t really had a full-service hotel until now. There’s no doubt Imperial is a good, upper-scale hotel—even if parts, like the lobby, are a tad over-designed, with too many styles of chairs and lampshades. No matter. The most important thing, the rooms, are in much better taste. Imperial has a sauna in the cellar and good conference rooms. A standard double costs around 155 €.  

Merchant’s House Hotel: (I-2) Dunkri 4, tel. 697-7500, fax 697-7501; The modern world meets the 14th century in this very tasteful new hotel. Merchant’s House is a trendy boutique hotel which preserves ancient limestone and murals, yet isn’t afraid to pair them with modern Spanish lamps. Plasma-screen TVs in each of the 37 rooms, free wifi. And you can’t ask for a better location: smack dab in the middle of Tallinn’s Old Town. Around 125 € for a double. 

Meriton Grand Hotel Tallinn: (B-2) Toompuiestee 27, tel. 667-7000, fax 667-7555;  This centrally located hotel is an impressive reincarnation of the underwhelming Tallinn Hotel that used to be here. It has a professional, well-thought-out interior. The hotel’s located just to the west of Toompea Hill—not in the very heart of the old city, but so close it doesn’t really matter. It’s also easily accessible by car. Double: 153 €. 

Old Town Maestro’s: (I-2) Suur-Karja 10, tel. 626-2000, fax 631-3333;  This boutique hotel feels private despite being in the heart of the old city. The rooms are spacious; a double almost feels like a suite. Art Deco interior with clean lines, minimalist decor and subdued colors. Romantic views of the old city from the top-floor sauna. A double is about 116 €.  

Olevi Residents: (H-3) Olevimägi 4, tel. 627-7650, fax 627-7651;  A quaint, elaborately decorated boutique hotel in the old city. A double is around 105 €.  

Radisson SAS Hotel Tallinn: (J-4) Rävala pst. 3, tel. 682-3000; fax 682-3001;  This excellent 24-story hotel is hard to miss; it’s said to be the tallest building in Estonia—and it’s one of the country’s newest bona fide landmarks. Its location is ideal: a short walk to almost anywhere of note in the capital. While it’s in the business district, it has stunning views of the old town and sea. With the Radisson brand, quality’s a given. There are some 280 rooms and many conference rooms; a health club and sauna, too. A standard double is about 150 €.  

Reval Hotel Olümpia: (C-3) Liivalaia 33, a 10-minute walk from the old city; tel. 669-0690 for reservations and 631-5333 for the front desk, fax 631-5325;  While it’s big—26-stories—the ambience at this hotel is pleasant, even homey. Service is outstanding. The Olümpia has a popular nightclub, an excellent pastry shop, a café and the Englishman Pub. A wonderful sauna, pool and weight room—all with great views of Tallinn—are on the 26th floor. Standard and business class rooms, and a dozen luxury suites; doubles start at 150 €.  

Reval Park Hotel & Casino: (C-4) Kreutzwaldi 23; for reservations, tel. 669-0690, tel. 630-5305, fax 630-5315; The Park Hotel, run by the Reval Hotel Group, is stylish, with quality service and atmosphere. With its spacious, modern rooms, it compares favorably with other very good hotels in Tallinn. A double is about 110 €.  

Scandic Palace: (C-3) Vabaduse väljak 3, tel. 640-7300, fax 640-7299;  In a location that couldn’t be better, on the edge of the old city; also easy access to cabs, trams and buses. Part of the international Hilton hotel chain. Double: 155 €.  

Sokos Hotel Viru: (B-3) Viru väljak 4, tel. 680-9300, fax 680-9236; The high-rise Viru is, now part of the Finnish Sokos Hotels chain. The Viru was once the Intourist hotel, but after major renovations, there’s no telling. This hotel is in a great location, between the old city and harbor. Great views of the old city from many rooms, too. A regular double is around 130 €.  

Taanilinna Hotel: (I-3) Uus 6, tel. 640-6700, fax 631-4581,  A boutique hotel in an old-city building with romantic views and retro-styled rooms, on the smaller side. Friendly service. Wine cellar, a pleasant restaurant and a great summer terrace. Good value for your money. A double is around 115 €.  

The Three Sisters: (H-2) Pikk 71/Tolli 2, in the old city; tel. 630-6300, fax 630-6301;  An outstanding, top-class hotel—located in three of the most storied, well-known medieval buildings in Estonia. The three look-alike buildings, which could be the backdrop for a tale by Hans Christian Andersen, have long been known fondly as The Three Sisters. The Middle-Ages architecture has been well preserved, with trendy touches to the decor. It’s worth noting that The Three Sisters made Condé Nast Traveler’s “Hot List 2004” as one of the 50 most stylish new hotels in the world. Doubles start at around 270 €.  

Middle Range

City Hotel Portus: (B-4) Uus-Sadama tn. 23, tel. 6806 600; Portus’ ambition is to create a family-friendly oasis in the port. And when they say family, they mean it: even dogs are welcome here. More good news: if you’re not staying at the hotel, but you’re looking to avoid the dreadful food inside the port terminal, Portus’s Café Retro is almost as close and the food exponentially better. For hotel guests, free garage parking under the hotel. 67€ for a double. 

Oru Hotell: (B-6) Narva mnt. 120b, tel. 603-3300, fax 601-2600;  A 10-minute drive from the city center, right by the famed Song Festival Grounds and at the edge of Kadriorg Park. This tourist-class hotel isn’t fancy but it’s clean and efficient—with trees and parks all around. A double is around 80 €.

L’Ermitage: (C-2) Toompuiestee 19, tel. 699-6400, fax 699-6401;  A centrally located hotel just west of Toompea Hill. This is a smaller-scale, traditional-looking hotel, but one that is clean, friendly and efficient. Double: 110 €. 

Meriton Old Town Hotel: (G-3) Lai 49, tel. 614-1300, fax 614-1311;  Mid-size hotel in the quieter end of the old city. Excellent value. A double: some 60 €.

Metropol Hotel: (B-3) Mere pst. 8b, tel. 667-4500, fax 667-4600,  In the courtyard of a 19th century factory complex, just outside the old city and close to the harbor. Nice views of the old city or harbor from many rooms. About 95 € for a double; rooms with saunas are 115 €.. A good restaurant called Broadway. 

Pirita Convent’s Guesthouse: Merivälja tee 18, in the Pirita suburb, tel. 605-5000, fax 605-5010;  In a newly built convent next to Pirita’s 15th century monastery ruins. Double: 60 €. 

Reval Express Hotel: (B-3) Sadama 1, tel. for reservations 669-0690, tel. 667-8700, fax 667-8800;  A hotel that’s just a few minutes walk from the main ferry harbor and old city. It provides efficient, clean accommodations—at affordable prices. A double is only about 65 €; excellent value. 

Reval Hotel Central: (B-4) Narva mnt. 7c, for reservations tel. 669-0690; 633-9800; fax 633-9900;  Conveniently located in the city center. The whole place has something of the feel of a well-ordered Nordic airline: it’s sparkling clean, very friendly and efficient. At about 80-100 € for a double, it is good value for your money.  

Rotermanni Hotel: (H-4) Mere pst. 6a, tel. 668-8588, fax 668-8580;  In a great location near the harbor and old town. Catering mainly to the scores of tourists who reach Tallinn by boat every day, the Rotermanni distinguishes itself from some of its more lackadaisical competition in the harbor district with its sparse but spacious rooms. Contains a surprisingly comfortable bar/café; good for families. Also conference room, hairdresser, car rental. Doubles: 80 €.   

Rotermanni Viiking: (H-4) Mere pst. 6a, tel. 660-1934, fax 661-6200;  Centrally located and quite good value: around 60 € for a double. 

Scandic St. Barbara: (J-2) Roosikrantsi 2a, on the edge of the old city off Vabaduse Square; tel. 640-7600, fax 640-7443;  St. Barbara is one of the top mid-range hotels. There are few frills here: no sauna, no conference rooms, no lobby bar. But rooms are comfortable, and the hotel’s location is ideal. Double is some 100 €. 

Skåne: (B-2) Kopli 2c, tel. 667-8300, fax 667-8301;  Next to the railway station and just across the street from the old city. Skåne has a clean Sandinavian look. Rooms have views of the picturesque Toompea hill. A double: around 50 €.

Susi: Peterburi mnt. 48, tel. 630-3200, fax 630-3400;  A five-minute drive southeast of the city center. The interior’s distinguished by a fun-loving artistic sense: egg-shaped keyholders and a guillotine in the bar. The rooms, hallways, restaurant and even saunas and conference halls feature art from some of Estonia’s top painters and sculptors. Some 60 € for better doubles. 

Stroomi: Randla 11, tel. 630-4200, fax 630-4500, in Pelgurand, a 10-minute drive west of the center;  Literally, 250 meters from Stroomi Beach with bicycle and roller-skate rental offered by the hotel. Pelgurand still suffers from severe Soviet architecture, but it does boast one of the nicest city beaches. Stroomi’s 40 € per night for a double, makes this a bargain.  

Tatari 53: (C-3) Tatari 53, tel. 640-5150; fax 640-5151;  In an old factory complex. Clean, efficient. Good parking. Double: 58 €. 

Uniquestay Mihkli: (C-2) Endla 23, tel. 666 4800, fax 666 4888, Another offering from the Uniquestay folks—who have this time rescued the famous (well, famous to some) Mihkli Hotel. The Uniquestay facelift and brand brings to the Mihkli clean Scandinavian design, value for money, and tech (flat-screen internet-connected computers in all rooms, wifi throughout the house). Doubles about 105 €.

UniqueStay Hotel: (C-2) Paldiski mnt. 1 and 3, tel. 660-0700, fax 661-6176;  An extremely well thought-through hotel. A well-priced, British-owned hotel and at the foot of the old city’s Toompea Hill. Each of the finely—if sparsely—decorated rooms has its own online computer. The interior is modern though not lacking warmth, with lights set in the parquet floors and pastel walls; the staff is equally friendly and attentive. There’s also a fashionable but cozy café/restaurant in the basement, worth visiting even if you are not staying here. Prices, at 90 € for a double, are excellent for such quality—and for the convenience of being in the city center.

Ülemiste: (D-5) Lennujaama tee 2, tel. 603-2600, fax 603-2601;  This is a businessman’s hotel of glass and mirrors. It is, literally, a five-minute walk from Tallinn Airport, and every room has its own safe specially designed to hold a laptop. Add a great view of Lake Ülemiste, health club, luggage room, sauna, restaurant and night club, and there’s little reason to head into town. Covered, secure parking. 75 € for a standard room.

VanaWiru Hotel: (I-3) Viru 11, tel. 669-1500, fax 669-1501;  Three-star hotel in the old town. There’s a pub downstairs. A double’s over 110 €. 

Bed & Breakfast

Prices at B&Bs vary from 15-40 €. 
Bed & Breakfast Rex: (C-4) Tartu mnt. 62, tel. 633-2181, fax 609-8368;  
Rasastra: (B-3) Mere pst. 4, tel./fax 661-6291;   

Low Budget

Academic Hostel: Akadeemia tee 11, at the Tallinn Technical University; tel. 620-2275, fax 620-2276;  An excellent low-budget option; indeed it could almost pass for middle-range, with its clean, Scandinavian rooms—some of which include free Internet connection. It’s about five kilometers outside the city center, between a housing district and forest. Double: about 30 €. 

Dzingel: Männiku tee 89, tel. 610-5201, fax 610-5245;  Don’t let appearances deceive: the exterior is ugly, but the Dzingel is one of the best values in (well, near) the city. It’s popular with businesses for its 240 reasonably priced rooms (a double is 46 € with breakfast and two saunas per day—if you’re man enough—included) and extensive conference facilities. The interior has occasionally harkens back to the Soviet days, but the rooms are completely modern and clean. Also offers 15 large suites. Free guarded parking. 

Hermes: Sütiste tee 21, tel./fax 671-8071;  In Mustamäe, a 15-minute ride from the city center. Simple but clean and more than adequate. At 40 € for a double; quite good value.  

Hotel G9: (B,C-3) Gonsiori 9, tel. 626-7100, fax 626-7102;  A simple, centrally located hotel with basic services on the third floor of a Stalinist-era building. A double room (not including breakfast) is some 40 €.  

Kristiine: (D-2) Luha 16, tel. 646-4600, fax 646-1329;  In a fairly dreary building. Just 40 € for a double. 

Nepi: (D-2) Nepi 10, tel. 655-1665, fax 655-1664; A small, pint-sized hotel, not far from the city center in Lilleküla. Double for about 40 €. 

Old House Guesthouse: (H-3) Uus 22, tel. 641-1464, fax 641-1604;  On the edge of the old city, within a brisk walk from the harbor. Cozy; well-run. Common showers. A double costs about 40 euros. They also have apartments in the old city for 85 to 130 € and a hostel at Uus 26. 

Dirt Cheap

Estonian Youth Hostel Association: (C-3) Head Office at Tatari 39 #310, tel. 646-1455, fax 646-1595;  A ten-minute walk from the old city. They book hostels/hotels elsewhere in Estonia, St. Petersburg and Helsinki. 
Merevaik: (E-1) Sõpruse pst. 182, tel. 655-3767, fax 656-1127;  A hostel three km west of the city center. Rooms are musty and bare: pale blue walls and scant decorations. It may look like hell, but it’s cheap: 25 € for a double.  
Tallinn Technical University Student Hotel: (E-1) Nõmme tee 47, tel. 655-2679, fax 655-2666;  A 10-minute drive from the city center. Not luxurious but cheap.
Vana Tom: (I-2) Väike-Karja 1, tel. 631-3252, fax 612-0511; In the old city. A bed in a room with 10 others costs 15 €. Double rooms for 40 €.  

Apartment Rental

Casandra Apartments: (C-4) Tartu mnt. 18, 7th floor, tel. 630-9820; Centrally located in a high-rise. All the Nor­dic class apartments have kitch­ens and some even have sau­nas. The price of a stan­dard apartment is around 85 €, ex­cellent for this quality and con­ve­nience!  
Ites Apartments: tel. 56-217-114; Fully furnished apartments in the old town and city center. Good internet connection. Apartments starting from 50 € per night. 
Kullassepa Residence: (I-2) Kullassepa 9/11, tel. 5344-4464, fax 623-2055;  
Kuninga Apartments: (I-2) Kuninga 1-9, tel. 644-2432; Out­standing, well-fur­nished old town apartments! Computer, free online access in all. Ranges from 65-190 € a night. 
Novostay: Valli 4, tel. 6440 880; Apartments in the city center, also offer transfer. 
Old House: (H-3) Uus 22, tel./fax 641-1464;  
Red Group: (I-3) Valli 4, tel. 6440 880;  Apartments in the old town and city center. 
Residence Apartments: office at (J-2) Pärnu mnt. 10/Suur-Karja 23, tel. 628-2295 or 56-462-372;

Spa Hotels

There has been a boom in spa hotels in Estonia in recent years. Many tend to cater to Finns, but visitors from farther afield have also discovered the pleasures of Estonian spas. 

In Tallinn
Pirita TOP Spa Hotel: Regati pst. 1, in Pirita, a 10-minute drive from Tallinn city center; tel. 639-8600, fax 639-8821;  
Viimsi Tervis Spa Hotel: Randvere tee 11, Tallinn; tel. 606-1000, fax 606-1010;; in Viimsi, about a 15-minute drive from the city center. 

Outside Tallinn:
Estonia Spa: Tammsaare tee 4a, Pärnu; tel. 447-9905, fax 4476901;
Fra Mare Spa: Ranna tee 2, Haapsalu; tel. 472-4600, fax 472-4601;  
Georg Ots Spa: Tori 2, Kuressaare, Saaremaa island, tel. 455-0000, fax 455-0001;
Laine: Sadama 9/11, Haapsalu; tel. 472-4400; fax 472-4401;  
Laulasmaa Spa: in Laulasmaa; tel. 687-0800, fax 687-0801;  
Meri Spa Hotel: Pargi 16, Kuressaare, Saaremaa island; tel. 452-7183;  
Narva-Jõesuu Spa: Aia 3, Narva-Jõesuu, Eastern Estonia; tel. 359-9529, fax 359-9525;  
Pädaste Manor: On Muhu Island, just 10 minutes from where the ferry docks. Tel. 454-8800; fax 454-8811;  
Pärnu Mud Baths: Ranna pst. 1, Pärnu; tel. 445-9020; fax 445-9021;
Rüütli Spa Hotel: Pargi 12, Kuressaare, Saaremaa island; tel. 454-8100; fax 454-8199;  
Pühajärve Spa Hotel: in Otepää, Southern Estonia; tel. 766-5500, fax 766-5501;  
Saaremaa Valss Spa Hotel: Kastani 20, Kuressaare, Saaremaa island; tel. 452-7183;  
Saka Cliff Hotel and Spa: Kohtla vald, Ida-Virumaa, about 160 km from Tallinn along the St. Petersburg road; tel. 336-4900, fax 336-4901;
Sõprus Health Rehabilitation Center: Eha 2, Pärnu; tel. 445-0750; fax 445-0770;  
Strand Spa: A.H. Tammsaare pst. 35, Pärnu; tel. 447-5370; fax 447-5371;  
Tervise Paradiis (Health Paradise): in Pärnu, Side 14, tel. 445-1600, fax 445-1601;  
Toila Sanatorium: Ranna 12, Toila, Eastern Estonia; tel. 332-5233; fax 332-5326;  
Värska Health Resort: Väike-Rõsna village, Värska, Southern Estonia; tel. 796-4666; fax 796-4693;  
Viiking Hotel and Health Rehabilitation Center: Sadama 15, Pärnu, Southern Estonia; tel. 443-1293;  


Getting out of Tallinn for several days makes increasing sense thanks to the improving tourist infrastructure across Estonia. Below are some hotel retreats of particular note beyond the capital:

Kalvi Manor: Near the village of Aseri, some 100 kilometers east of Tallinn; tel. 339-5300; A truly majestic seaside manor lovingly restored by Danish and Estonian owners. Among the lordly pursuits offered on this 5,000-acre estate are hunting and skeet shooting; there’s an indoor pool, winter garden and saunas, too. The 19th-century Kalvi is said to be the only manor house in Estonia done in English-style and it’s got that feel: if you ran into one of the British royals in this environment, you’d think it perfectly natural. A standard double here costs some 135 EUR. 

Pädaste Manor: On Muhu Island, just 10 minutes from where the ferry docks. Tel. 454-8800; fax 454-8811; This place is almost too good to be true!—a 15th-century island manor transformed into a top-notch hotel. Word of this classy getaway has already spread far and wide, attracting foreign presidents to rock stars. (One of the Thompson Twins stayed here several years ago.) While it’s luxurious, it’s not staid; the facilities include a private movie theater, a helipad, a Muhu smoke sauna and nearby horse-back riding. Their restaurant, SeaHouse, is top notch—comparable to the very best Tallinn restaurants. Ask to see the old Soviet missile silos not far from Pädaste. Room prices: 88 to 185 EUR, with cheaper rates in the winter. 

Taagepera Castle. Built in the early 1900s, Taagepera took a team of 300 Latvian workmen five years to build. The German lord who commissioned the job was able to live in it two years before land reform stripped him of his property. In recent history, some Estonian businessmen purchased the place, turned it into a hotel, and restored some of its stately past. Best about Taagepera is that’s been preserved as it was—all the dignity and charm has not been painted over. In Valgamaa, tel. 766-6390; 

Villa Ammende: Mere pst. 7 in the seaside town of Pärnu; tel. 447-3888, fax 447-3887; One of Estonia’s most distinguished out-of-Tallinn hotel/villas, in a 100-year-old Art Nouveau mansion that could have been the set for any number of Cary Grant films. Villa Ammende is situated in a large fenced-off park, adding to the sense of exclusivity; the Pärnu Beach, one of Estonia’s most beautiful, is just a few minutes walk away. This is a favorite accommodation for VIPS visiting Pärnu, including, most recently, boxing champion Lennox Lewis. Doubles go for some 70 to 320 EUR, with lower prices during the off season; lovely suites too.  

Baltic Cottage Agency: tel. 648-5788. To find a vacation cottage, you used to have to scour the local papers and then enter painful negotiations with landlords who seemed not to really want to rent out their homes after all. Finally, someone has solved that problem. Baltic Cottage offers night and weekly cottage rental, as well as short-term urban apartment accommodations.  

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