Amigo: (I-4) Viru väljak 4, Sokos Hotel Viru, tel. 680-9298. Live music, excellent bands. Warm, Mexican-style. All ages and nations here, including Finns from upstairs hotel.

Bon-Bon: (H-4) Mere pst. 6e, tel. 661-6080. Open: Fri., Sat. 23-… Often members only. House to jazz and ’80s and ’90s hits. The hang-out for the local rich and famous.

Bonnie & Clyde: (C-3) Inside the Reval Hotel Olümpia, at Liivalaia 33, tel. 631-5333. Attracts a crowd from mid-twenties to mid-fifties. Live acts and dance music.

Decolte: (B-4) Ahtri 10, tel. 666-4999. Open Wed.-Sat. 22-05. Wide variety of Russian music to techno. Enjoy your trip through the metal detector on your way in.

Guitar Safari: (I-3) Müürivahe 22, tel. 641-1607. Rock! Over thirty crowd. See BARS.

Havana Club: (I-2) Pikk 11, in the old city; tel. 640-6630. Salsa some nights, dance music the rest of the week. 2 for 1 drinks every night.

Hollywood: (I-2) Vana-Posti 8, old city, tel. 627-4770. A high-energy, popular dance club. Soul, hip-hop some nights.

Levist Väljas: (H-3) Olevimägi 12. A gritty, bohemian den. Progressive rock, house, blues.

Moskva: (J-2) Vabaduse väljak 10, tel. 640-4694. Open:09-24; Sat.11-03:30; Sun.11-24. The upstairs club has house music and occasional R&B, attracting crowd in their mid-twenties.

Parlament: (C-4) Tartu mnt. 17, tel. 666-2900. Open: Fri., Sat. 21-05. Three-level club with live bands and dance music. Check out the additional dance floor on the second floor—if you can find it.

Privé: (J-2) Harju 6, tel. 631-0545. By the organizers of the wild, wonderful Vibe parties. This small club offers music from house to drum ‘n bass to R&B. You might need to talk your way past the doormen.

R.I.F.F. (I-4) Viru väljak 6, in the Viru Keskus, tel. 610-1430. Open: Wed., Thu. 22-04; Fri., Sat. 22-06. Good atmosphere and music, mostly R&B.

Sossi Klubi: (D-4) Tartu mnt. 82, tel. 601-4384. Jazz, blues, rock, pop.

Terrarium: (B-3) Sadama 6, at the harbor; tel. 661-4721. Erotic, hypnotic. Unclad girls taking showers, see-through bathrooms… don’t ask.

Venus Club: (I-3) Vana-Viru 14, tel. 641-8184. Draws stag partiers. Worth a visit on Thursdays for the amateur dance contest.


Casino Admiral: (B-3) Pärnu mnt. 2, tel. 646-6496;
Casino Astoria-Palace (J-2) Vabaduse Square 5, tel. 641-8204;
Bally’s Casino (B-4) Köleri 2; tel. 606-1950;
Casino Classic (I-3) Viru 18; tel.648-4835;
Casino London (H-4) Mere pst. 8b; tel. 667-4698;
Casino Play-In (H-4) Mere pst. 6c;
Olympic Casino, Kreutzwaldi 23, the Reval Park Hotel, tel. 630-5537;
Viking Casino (C-4) Tartu 24.

Adult Entertainment

Lasso Baar: (H-4) Mere pst. 6a; tel. 661-6199. Striptease shows.

Le Galaxy: (I-3) Müürivahe 23A, old city; 631-4336. For men and women, they say.

Mr. Robinson: (H-3) Aia 10, tel. 627-3600. Striptease, billiards, dancing, Russian mafia—this club has it all.

Soho: (J-4) Kaubamaja 3, tel. 681-4616. VIP room, private shows, a place to have hen and stag parties.

Valge Lővi: (H-2) Lai 8, the old city; tel. 644-3302. Bar, striptease.

X-Club: (J-2) Harju 6, tel. 631-0575 A decadent den.

Gay Clubs

69: (C-3) Pärnu mnt. 27, tel. 660-4830.
Angel: (I-3) Sauna 1. Open: Wed.-Sat. 22-05.
Nightman: (D-3) Vineeri 4.
Ring Club: (C-4) Juhkentali 11, tel. 660-5490;
X-Baar: (I-3) Sauna 1; tel. 620-9266.


Taciturn they may be. But Estonians have gone hog wild for club music. A hardcore dance-music scene barely existed five years ago—now, it’s booming.
Organizers of the biggest, best and craziest dance parties are Vibe and Mutant Disco, both of which put on bashes at warehouses and old industrial sites. Try  and  for updates on party venues. You can call Vibe directly at tel. 666-3166. Vibe recently opened an exclusive night club, Prive, at Harju 6, (J-2).
Among the best DJs in Estonia are Vibe’s DJ Meri and DJ P Julm; Mutant Disco’s Raul Saaremets and Rhythm Doctor are also top-notch. Several stationary venues have also become hotbeds of cutting edge dance music. Café VS, (C-3) at Pärnu mnt 28, tel. 627-2627, is leading the way in Estonia. It’s excellent. The more bohemian Levist Väljas, (H-3) Olevimägi 12, also dabbles in house.
Other popular but more commercial clubs are the huge Terrarium, at Sadama 6 (B-4), and Hollywood, in the old city at Vana-Posti 8 (I-2).