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Health Clubs    Golf    Squash    Bowling    Tennis    Paintball    Horseback Riding

Health Clubs

A+S: (C-5) Lacplesa 60, tel. 728-9516. An excellent Western-style health club for aerobics and weight-lifting. Friendly service.

Centrs: (I-4) Audeju 16, tel. 701-8000. An exclusive health club on the top floor of the main department store in the old city.

City Fitness: Marijas 13/8, tel. 724-0888. Among the largest health-clubs. Aerobics, weights, sauna. On the expensive side. Advance booking required. 

Golden Gym: Dzirnvu 57, tel. 736-5517. 

Joker Club: (A-3) Katrinas 12, tel. 709-9800. Weight-room, squash, spa and beauty center; even a restaurant and a bar. 

Radisson SAS Daugava Hotel Riga: (D-2) Kugu 24, tel. 706-1111. Fitness center and a swimming pool.

Riga Technical University: (I-2) Azenes 16/20, tel. 708-9307, a sports center; (C-2) Kipsala 5, tel. 708-9307; 761-6989 a swimming pool.

Studija Sports Pluss: (C-4) Blaumana 5a, tel. 728-2696.


Golf Course Viesturi: a 20-minute drive from the city center, between Riga and Jurmala; mob. tel. 921-9699. 

Ozo Golf Club: Milgravju 16, tel. 739-4399.


Joker Club: (A-3) Katrinas 12, tel. 709-9800. 

Zelta Bowling Center: (E-2) Uzvaras 2/4, tel. 761-8778.

Swimming Pools

Akvalande: (E-3) Mukusalas 45/47, tel. 762-9700. a fun water-park. 

Atlantis: (C-5) Lacplesa 38, tel. 728-0870. 

Livu Akvaparks: Vienibas prosp. 36, in Jurmala, tel. 775-5636. Latvia’s version of Water World, the largest of its kind in the Baltics: wave pools, dive pools, water slides, an amusement park, restaurants and more. It’s fun, fun, fun! 

Radisson SAS Daugava Hotel: (D-2) Kugu 24, tel. 706-1111.

Riga Technical University: (C-2) Kipsala 5, tel. 761-6989.


Bowlero: Lielirbes 27, next to the Spice shopping mall; tel. 780-4600. The largest bowling center in the Baltics. It also has a nightclub attached, a fitness center, and beauty parlors. Spâres 3, tel. 789-2080.

Bowling Center: (A-3) Ganibu Dambis 25d, tel. 738-2660.

Toss Halle: Kengaraga 6, tel. 713-5908. Open:12-02; Sun. 10-02. This is a bowling-lovers paradise, with high-tech lanes, not to mention a bar and restaurant. They held part of the World Amateur Bowling Championships here, so it must be up to your bowling standards. 

Zelta Boulinga Centrs: (E-2) Uzvaras 2/4, tel. 761-0707. Bowling and sports center. 


Central Tennis Club: Baldones 7, tel. 761-2604.

Enri: Kalnciema 207, tel. 770-5588. 

National Tennis Center: Kalpaka pr. 16, tel. 775-2375. Some 20 minutes from Riga, in Jurmala. Indoor and outdoor courts.

Riga Technical University: (F-1) Kronvalda 3, tel. 732-5379.


Latvian Paintball Club: (B-4) Valdemâra 40, tel. 729-1400;; Also see the Latvian paintball club website at 

Horseback Riding 

Riding School Pinki: tel./fax 775-2055. New facilities and friendly service. 

Tirane: outside Riga, tel. 770-5720.  

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