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Adult Entertainment
   Gay Clubs   Rave/Alternative  

Bites Blues Club: (B-4) Dzirnavu 34a, tel. 733-3125. Down-home Chicago feel.

Cetri Balti Krekli: (J-3) Vecpilsetas 12, tel. 721-3885. A unique, all-Latvian music club with a lively underground feel. The owners imposed a strict quota for foreigners, so look local to get through.  

Cita Opera: (C-4) Raina 21; tel. 722-0770. A favorite of University of Latvia students. Live rock and jazz weekends; karaoke Wednesday.  

Depo: (J-4) Valnu 32, tel. 722-0114. Very good underground club, with a mishmash of alternative tastes.  

Essential: (C-4) Skolas 2, tel. 724-2289. Open: Fri., Sat. 22-06. 

Fashion Club: Terbatas 2; tel. 709-2400;  

Hamlets: (I-3) Jana Seta 2, 2nd floor, in the old city; tel. 722-9938.

Indigo: Barona 31, tel. 728-4263. Open:21-06.

Kabata: (I-3) Peldu 19, tel. 722-3334. Medieval atmosphere. ’70s and ’80s hits.

La Rocca: (B-5) Brivibas 96, tel. 750-6030. A gigantic dance club teeming with the young, restless and up-and-coming pros. Said to be the Baltics' biggest dance-techno club.  

Nautilus: (I-2) Kungu 8, tel. 781-4455. Hot! Submarine theme.  

Pulkvedim Neviens Neraksta (Nobody Writes to the Colonel): (I-3) Peldu 26/28, tel. 721-3886. Progressive music with an edge. A London-underground feel.  

Roxy: (H-3) Kalku 24, tel. 722-4041. A high-energy dance club: lasers, dry ice, babes. Pop, techno.  

Sarkans: (B-4) Stabu 10, tel. 727-2286. Open:10-04; Sat. 12-04; Sun. 12-24.

Studentu Club: (C-4 ) Raina 23, tel. 722-0806. Student-run disco, next to the University of Latvia.

Voodoo: (C-4) Elizabetes 55, tel. 777-2355. Dark, hip, erotic, spooky and fun. In the Reval Hotel Latvija. The disco area is closed Mon.-Wed.; nightclub and casino open every day. 

Zup, Zup! Lounge: (H-3) Kalku 15, tel. 722-1768. Open:11-01; Thu.-Sat. 11-03. 

Adult Entertainment

Dolls: (H-4) Aspazijas 22, tel. 750-9625. Open:12-09. An ultra high energy club/striptease, though a restaurant before 22:00. (See BARS for more details.) 

Jockey Club: (C-4) Elizabetes 49, tel. 722-8844. Showgirls, private dances.

Klubs 3: Grecinieku 22/24, tel. 722-6750. Striptease, restaurant, private dancing—not necessarily in that order.

Labi: Elizabetes 22, tel. 724-3684. Open 24 hr. Videos, massages—the works.

Purvs: (C-6) Matisa 60-62; tel. 7311-717

Studio 69: (B-5) Brivibas 96, tel. 750-6030. Corridors lead to a ’70s disco gone wrong. Flashy, tacky, strippers: Love it or leave it.

Tutti Frutti: (C-5) Bruninieku 63, tel. 727-3883. As in Amsterdam, girls set in a store-front window draw clients into this dark, topless den. 

Gay Clubs

XXL: on Kalnina 4; tel. 728-2276; a Tom of Finland theme.  

Gay website at; info center tel. 727-3890.


Riga's long shown a real aptitude for progressive dance music-more so, some argue, than Tallinn or Vilnius. The well-established Nobody Writes to the Colonel (Pulkvedim Neviens Neraksta) has championed harder core, less-commercial dance sounds for years; Peldu 26/28 (I-3). A newer, forward-thinking club is Nautilus, at Kungu 8 (J-3); tel. 781-4477—they like to boast about their bone-jarring 12kW speaker system. You get a credit card as you go in, pay as you leave. A less polished but no less fun option is the new Depo, at (J-5) Valnu 32, tel. 722-0114; plays trance, dance, electro with well-known Latvian DJs. 
     A more commercial, but extremely popular dance club is La Rocca (B-5), Brivibas 96-reportedly the largest such dance club in the Baltics; tel. 750-6030. 

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