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Adult Entertainment  Casinos   Gay Clubs   Rave/Alternative  

Galaxy: Konstitucijos 26, at the Forum Palace; tel. 263-6666. Open: Fri., Sat. 22-05. Huge with a whole variety of shows and dancing styles.

Gravity: (C-4) Jasinkio 16, tel. 249-7966. Open: Fri., Sat. 22-06. A Dutch-owned dance club. Hip, trendy and the closest thing to London in Vilnius. Foreign DJs play house music. Face control keeps away the thugs. 

Helios: (J-3) Didżioji 28, tel. 261-5040. Open: Thu.-Sat. 22-05. Popular nightclub just on the corner of Town Hall square. 

Intro: (H-4) Maironio 3, tel. 279-1508. Night club, café and an art gallery.  

Lithuanian Wild Club: (C-4) Gedimino 24, tel. 262-4473. Open:20-05. The name says it all.

New Orleans: (B-4) Vienuolio 4, tel. (700) 55-599. Loud, local and respectable. 

New York: (A-5) Kalvarių 85, tel. 273-1273. Open 20-05. Closed Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun. Vilnius’ only music and cabaret theatre.

Pabo Latino: (C-4) Trakų 3, tel. 262-1045. Open: Thu.-Sat. 20-05. For the brash-trash set. 

Stereo 45: (C-4) Jogailos 3. Bar with DJs at the weekend.  


You must be over 21 and you need to prove it.
Casino Planet: (C-3) J. Basanavičiaus 4, tel. 272-5385. Open:16-4. Fri, Sat 16-6. 
Grand Casino World: (B-4) Vienuolio 4, tel. (700) 55-599. Open:24hrs.  
Olympic Casino: (B-4) Konstitucijos 20 (inside Reval Hotel Lietuva), tel. 123-4930. Open:24hrs.

Adult Entertainment

Dolls: (B-4) Konstitucijos 18, tel. 212-1349. Open:21-06.  

Exclusive: (D-4) Vingrių 25, tel. 261-7673. Open:21-06; Sun. closed.  

Lu-Lu: (B-3) A. Goštauto 12, tel. 262-0843. Open: Thu.-Sat. from 20:00. 

Old Town: (D-5) Rūdninkų 14, tel. 212-1349. 

Šachrazada: (C-4) Švitrigailos 7/16, tel. 233-0995. Open:21-06; Sun. closed. 

Waterworld: (J-3) Didžioji 21, tel. 261-8226. Open:21-05. 

Gay Clubs

Men’s Factory at Žygimantų 1(B-4). 
Relax: (B-4) Jakšto 12, tel. 6063-3463.


The dance scene in Vilnius has, somewhat undeservedly, had the reputation of lagging behind Riga and Tallinn. But this, at least partly, has to do with a wider range of musical tastes here; there are strong followings for death metal, hardcore punk, reggae, jazz and the like. That can’t be said, say, for Tallinn. 
Committed clubbers, however, need not fear: you can get satisfaction in Vilnius. A clearinghouse of information about non-club-based parties is the largest party organizer in Lithuania, Ore; you can also email them at An Ore spokesman said their DJs stress “nu-jazz, nu-funk, breakbeats, deep and spacey house.” Other party organizers include Good Will People (techno and drum ‘n bass) and Metro Crew (techno). 
These roaming parties are held in warehouses, printing plants and even at former Soviet bases in and around Vilnius. Landlocked venues also feature dance music, though often of the more commercial variety: one good place is Intro at (H-3) Maironio 3, tel. 279-1508. The semi-underground Green Club is punk oriented but also dabbles in dance club music. They’re shy about publishing their address, but you can call Ore (above) for their coordinates. 
Among the top DJs in Vilnius are Soulus Macoulus, DJ Mamania and DJ Halusin.

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